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The high-pitched ear-piercing sound of the food processor being used incessantly, filled the air in the last three days, as the ice-cream making bug kept me anchored in the kitchen.

Peeling. Slicing. Freezing. Blending. Tasting… in that frenzied order – bent on whipping up frozen desserts that should resemble ice-cream. All freshly made AND in a jiffy too.

First let me clarify that the ‘ice-cream’ recipe used is none other than that of frozen slices of well-ripened bananas put into the blender or food processor and blended till it resembles soft-serve ice-cream – which should be served and savoured immediately.

To get it to be more store-bought ice-cream-like texture, some recipes say to freeze the soft-serve mixture in a loaf pan, for one hour. Then it scoops out like ice-cream in a box.

Most online recipes using the frozen banana as a basic ingredient have the option of adding a variety of different fresh fruit, coffee or cocoa and nuts…. the list goes on and can be as exciting as your imagination will allow. Hence my ‘experimentation’ which led to quite a few pleasant results.

Banana 'ice cream'.jpg

I am happy to share one of the ‘must serve and savour immediately’ experiments – the Banana Avocado ‘Ice-Cream’. Just natural, wholesome goodness from fresh ingredients. No sugar or dairy additions here.

Banana Avocado ‘Ice-Cream’

Ingredients: (Enough for 2 servings)

1 very ripe banana – cut into slices and frozen overnight

1/2 avocado – sliced and put in the freezer for a while, till cold

A few walnuts


Put banana and avocado slices into the blender or food processor and blend till creamy. Do not overblend.

Add in the walnuts and blend a bit so that the walnuts remain in small crunchy bits.

Serve immediately as soft serve ‘ice-cream’.

Hubby was on a strict diet so I had to be the lone taster….! Needless to say, I have since gotten rid of the ‘ice-cream bug’ and am happy to go back to my usual ‘routine’ ……..but I still have some mango ice-popsicles left in the freezer to last a few more days!