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super-sunset-1While moon-watchers are a plenty, especially when a SUPER Moon appears once in a blue moon, there are just as many who marvel at the beauty of a setting sun.

Capturing the magical moments on my handy telephone camera, when the sun gracefully bids the world goodnight, is always a joy. It inevitably leaves me wondering how best to use these digital images in ways that will further enhance the magnificence of the golden orangey-red hues that permeate the greying horizon and the surrounding sky in such spell-binding ways.

super-sunset-2If I could master the art of watercolour or oil painting, I would surely be trying to do these sunsets justice that way. However for a quick look-see at how the results could look like without the effort of putting brush to paper or canvas, there is always the handy app to work with, for instant gratification of a curious mind.

super-sunset-3With a click of an app, hey presto, the image takes on the semblance of a …. dare I say……a Van Gogh? (In the sense that the apparent ‘brush stroke’ effects of the sunset especially, rather resemble what could have been Van Gogh-ish?)super-sunset-4
I could not resist converting some of my recent sunset faves into images with ‘oil painting effects’ and sharing it with one and all here. If nothing more than for the satisfaction of studying the ‘effects’ the conversion has had in enhancing the diffusing spread of the magnificent hues of the sunset.

Yes, I could go on about how the details of the images allow me to wax lyrical. Endlessly. But I shall leave it to the ‘eye of the beholder’ to weave one’s own magic!

Thank you Lord, for the beauty of daily sunsets.