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…..Following up on an earlier post entitled: Kebaya Chic Goes Espresso (please click here to read it)today I share with you the charming two-tier cake stands, each adorned with one of four kebaya floral patterns.

Kebaya Chic - Cake stands

The floral patterns featured are from vintage kebaya tops, designed in a contemporary pattern with a background of complementary hues that hark back to the basic colours of precious Peranakan ware.

Unlike the other items in the whole Kebaya Chic range of new bone china ware which come in sets of four pieces, the two-tier cake stands are sold individually. If undecided as to which of the floral patterns appeals more, why not treat yourself to all four!

I simply adore cake stands. If they did not take up so much shelf space, I would have accumulated a much larger personal collection. One can never have enough of these beauties.

When the suggestion to design two-tier cake stands for the Kebaya Chic range was broached by Luzerne (the Singapore-based premier global ceramics company that commissioned these items), I agreed to the idea immediately before any minds were changed.

When not used to serve cakes or any other food delicacies, they take on a decorative role, whether placed on the shelf or dining, coffee or any table (for that matter).

Part of my potpourri of single-tier cake stands are arranged in descending heights on the kitchen counter and create a pretty picture when arranged with fresh fruit. That is one way to tackle the shortage of storage space challenge!