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One day a year ago in July, I was eagerly testing a new sketch app on my telephone, and let my finger do the drawing, at random.

In no time, I was looking at the outline of a girl’s face, framed by curly tendrils of bluish-green hair with charcoal strands.

The lipstick was filled in as carefully as an index finger tip could manage but it went out of the outline, much to my chagrin….but oh that’s alright, I convinced myself… because some of the grand masters painted that way too.

Floral fascinator process

Intent on adding the ‘finishing touch’ to the picture, I found the perfect photo of anthuriums in my media library and fancied it would lend itself to being perched on the girl’s head like a floral fascinator would.

And to make it a floral fascinator worthy of being a VAL Design, there just had to be a sliver of glitz in the form of a gold netting bow tucked in between the flowers. Et Voila!

Since a tender young age of 5 or 6, I have had a fascination for hats which I wore to church on Sundays. That to me, was being dressed in my ‘Sunday best’.

fascinator definitionIn later years, I admired fascinators for their ability to look so striking while being pertly placed on the head. I have created some for myself but I do not have photos of them, regretfully.

Till the next sharing of a creative expression, have a wonderful, blessed day!