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Art work for Thai restr

Having designed artworks in a variety of sizes, the request for a 320 cm x 80 cm (128 ins x 32 ins) piece certainly was the longest and largest thus far!

It was for the Thai restaurant for which I had done the three works on silk, based on the Chilli theme. To read the post, please click here.

The design brief for this piece was short and sweet:

  • It had to be a contemporary piece on 100% silk twill, to be hung at the reception area of the restaurant.
  • The composition would need to reflect the colourful tastes of Thai cuisine and to incorporate the design elements of the artworks in the private rooms – i.e. chillies and orchids.

When it was finally printed on silk twill, the luxurious touch and sheer size of it, took my breath away!

Framed and hung in place at the restaurant’s entryway, its vivid colours and the 3D effect of the various design elements provide a visually arresting sense of arrival.

While the image above is only as large as this page allows, the real piece is just magical! (Or am I just biased?)