Dare To Be Different

Sculptural Neck Art 1 by VALI started dabbling in fashion from about the age of four, thanks to my talented but strict mother who insisted that I should always be ‘dressed to suit the occasion’.  A picture that pops up in my mind easily is one of me, aged six, bending almost half my little self into a huge drawer full of accessories, at the then Whiteaways store, trying to pick out something to suit my newly purchased white clam-shaped hand bag and white lace stockings.

Playtime, homework, ballet, piano and house chores were interspersed with baking, sewing, handicraft, jewellery-making lessons. Yes, all at the tender age of six.

Along the way, my mother’s ‘dare to be different’ persona has rubbed off on me — and it shows in some of my expressions in jewellery.

Jewellery by VAL – available online.

Sculptural Neck Art 2  by VAL


1 thought on “Dare To Be Different”

  1. My dearest VAL, congratulations! You have done something unique again.

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