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When I joined Pinterest, about six years ago, it was only possible upon ‘invitation’ by an existing member, and one’s request to join the group would take a while to be approved.

Being an incredibly addictive source of visual discovery, it has led me to collate pictorial information onto two dozen pin boards…thus far.

On a daily basis, updates are received on which pins have been ‘resaved’ and/or ‘liked’ by others…and I am simply amazed at the seemingly everlasting popularity of one image in particular…How To Make Homemade Sugar Scrubs.


How To Make Homemade Sugar Scrubs – Simple DIY Recipes. Infographic from U Create.

It is mind-boggling to think that out of 2.9k pins distributed throughout my 24 boards, that this particular pinned image seems to be remain as top of the Pins for months on end!

It has been popping up practically on a daily basis as being repinned by 20+ to 30+ other Pinterest users! I know not how that compares to the trending pins on the overall scale of Pinterest, but to me, that is puh-len-ty of repining for one image!!

My interest in home-made lotions and potions began in the early 90’s when I chanced upon a book (I forget its exact title) which focused on hand-me-down recipes from a grandmother. That is when I began concocting my own body powder…and the list goes on. I remember a visitor once commented that “her kitchen is made for concocting potions…not for cooking meals”.

Now, with Pinterest enabling me to collate and ‘hoard’ pins online, I have been able to declutter the stacks of files of preciously collected pages of ‘likes’ over the years, that have been taking up valuable space on my book shelves.

Have a wonderful day! And if you have time, do drop by my pinterest page.