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Sleek & Sassy for blog

All the joy that was ushered in with the Lunar New Year simply could not lift the sluggish mood of the haze that hung outside like a dark cloud…blocking out the weak rays of the sleepy sun that seemed to have gotten lost somewhere up there.

Was I about to let the dreary weather dampen my creative spirit? Not on your life.

I whipped out the ipad and started doodling on an app page. While my mind wandered dreamily, my index finger did the drawing and ‘painting’. Forged on by my curiosity of the wondrous ease with which one finger tip could create digital lines or circles of colour and even watercolour paint brush effects – the afternoon just flew by.

Quite happy with the digitally-drawn girl, with her sleek and sassy hairstyle, I took it one step further in the computer. Satisfaction peaked when I added a flower (the perfect complement) from my image library to the overall artwork and ‘voila’, the girl came alive. I love the exotic floral dress, don’t you?

Not bad……for what started out as a finger doodle on a dull-weathered day. Look out for the next one…..