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Painting by VAL

Painting by VAL

There is a story waiting to be told all around us, each and every day. For the better part of my ‘other life’, I took great delight in weaving together stories for other people, to be told about them or their organizations.

Then I took to unravelling stories in my mind, by putting paint brush to paper or canvas.  That morphed into collage work, which has led to where I am today on my creative journey.

Always the one ‘behind the story or the camera’, the tables are turned these days, and now it is focusing on ‘the story teller’.  Here are two particularly interesting features on VAL and her designs, that I am happy to share with one and all.

Please click here and here to read the online versions, if you have time to spare.

Once again, I am most appreciative of the interest by the two magazines, in my humble creations.

Thank you….