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G&G leggings & scarf intro for blog

All that glitters…is crystal. Well, at least it is so in this latest GLITZ & GLAM scarf design by yours truly.

There is something about vintage crystal and its aura of old world charm that feeds my imagination with vignettes of all things classy. Hence it was a joy to put together a collage of crystal dangles, highlighted with antique mirror lockets and bows.

For vampish emphasis, one end of the floaty silk chiffon scarf, is adorned with an eye-catching hand gloved in black lace, finger pointing to a mirrored detail.  A favourite chunky crystal ring makes its debut on silk here. On the other end, a strip of black lace with see-through bare skin tone, lends a hint of daring and sensuality.

On the LEGGINGS by VAL, black lace on skin is visually arresting, while on the silk chiffon scarf, the effect is more understated.

Glitz & Glam long scarf intro - for blogAs I was creating this crystal surface, I could almost hear the clinking of the crystal dangles. To soften that icy vision, sheer, almost invisible lace against a mild sheen of gold, fits in superbly as the ideal contrast.

As shown in the images below, the Leggings can be paired with an assortment of tops, for casual, smart casual and evening chic occasions.

Glitz & Glam leggings for blog To make head turns, wear the GLITZ & GLAM Leggings with the silk chiffon scarf of the same name, with complementary design from my new collection too.

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Alternatively, the GLITZ & GLAM scarf when paired with other outfits, speaks volumes of evening elegance.

It doubles as an ice-breaking conversation piece too! Just let the long ends of the scarf hang loosely from around your neck, to show off its striking details to the world around you. Smile knowingly and watch the questions start to flow. Perfect for the one who needs a bit of glitz & glam and dares to be different…!

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For enquiries and online purchases, please contact me directly at veronicaannlee@gmail.com

Toodles for now….and look out for more on my new creations…