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Kebaya Chic leggings & scarf intro for blogIn an earlier post entitled Kebaya Chic, I shared how a special lady (named Molly) let me in to her precious world of vintage kebaya blouses and accessories, including delicate nyonya beaded sandals from way back when…

“Good golly, Ms Molly”, I gasped, eyes ablaze with the rapid flow of ideas that kept me engrossed for hours, absorbing all the beautiful handiwork of the skilled nyonyas of yesteryear!

A multitude of magically-charged hours later…et voila! The beauty of the beaded wedding sandals, the intricacy of the embroidered flowers and the sheer voile of the kebaya blouses, have been choreographed to stage a new look in my Kebaya Chic range of LEGGINGS & SILK SCARVES.

KC scarf info for blog

Leggings are perfect for all kinds of occasions. Casual. Smart casual. Evening chic. Yes, it allows the ladies to ‘put their fashionable best (leg) forward’. If undecided how to dress it, don the leggings with a solid coloured top and complete the stylish look with a Silk Scarf by VAL in a complementary design.

KC Leggings for blog

And yes, leggings are for any personality and age group… if in doubt, just look to my amazing mother, who at 89, has no qualms about dressing up in a pair of leggings (by VAL). Needless to say, she would pair it accordingly, to suit the occasion at hand.

For more on the LEGGINGS by VAL Collection, please click here.

For enquiries and online purchases, please contact VAL directly at veronicaannlee@gmail.com

(…In the meantime, keep your eyes peeled out for a range of new bone chinaware fashioned after the charming Kebaya Chic designs….). As I so aptly exclaimed….. “Good Golly Ms Molly”…!