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For all the complexities of its origin, the ‘kebaya’ blouse – in my books – is the epitome of sensual elegance associated with the nyonyas of yesteryear. (For an interesting read on the Peranakan, please click here.)

Even in today’s world, no matter the age or figure of the lady, the wearer of the sheer voile kebaya blouse in all its embroidered splendor, automatically assumes an aura of genteel charm. One wonders which element of the ensemble casts that magical spell. Is it…..

–           The cut of the blouse that accentuates and flatters the figure?                                                                

–           The unusual, ornate fastening of the blouse with the 3-piece unique brooches or ‘kerosang’?

–           The allure of the translucent material that fires the imagination?

–          Or is it the pairing of the kebaya blouse with a sleek, traditional batik sarong?

I received a delicate vintage kebaya blouse recently as a gift from a special lady, who showed me her precious collection of kebaya blouses.  The painstaking hand embroidered details stirred my imagination….and now, I am pleased to say, they have taken on attractive starring roles in my new exclusive silk scarf and elastane legging creations!

Especially pleased with the Kebaya Chic leggings (measures 85 cm in length when worn) for all its contemporary trendiness, it makes a pretty striking combination with a scarf of the same name and complementary design.

However, the leggings seem to take on a charm all its own when topped off with my treasured vintage kebaya blouse! Worn loosely as one would a jacket, sans the kerosang, it still gives the wearer the ability to draw gasps of appreciation from onlookers.

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Watch this space for more news of my new creations – very soon!! Toodles for now.